Product care



The sacchetto processing is a kind of processing of the shoe that grants the maximum softness, flexibility and comfort, resulting in high-end shoes. The construction process allows to remove the assembly insole, thus creating a single body between the upper and the sole. The Lining, the leather inner part of the footwear, is prepared, cut and sewed up, as if it were a glove, and connected to the upper on the assembly form which, in this way, is completely wrapped.
Sole and upper are then assembled to the sole by the means of a “BLAKE” stitch. That way, the obtained shoe will be flexible, comfortable and strong.


The assembled item, BLAKE stitched, is the crown jewel of our shoe factory’s production.
The assembled items, brogues, norwegian and english style, have been in our shoe factory’s collection since forever.
The constant research of shapes and materials makes it possible for the collection of assembled items to range from classic items, made with soft calf hair and chamois, to more sporting and youth goods, with stone washed and hand-coloured leathers during the trimming and manual conveyor phase. Our high-end shoes collections can accommodate a wide range of tastes and styles.


The tubular processing, or moccasin, has always distinguished the Tuscan footwear sector of the Monsummano Terme area. The majority of footwear factories of the district have been founded and are known all around the world for this kind of shoe.
During the years, the production of high-end shoes has grown, largely acquiring, overtime, higher improvements, under both a qualitative and quality perspective. All these things have allowed us to characterise handmade high-end shoes, taking inspiration by the experience and the tradition acquired over the years, but also from the needs that are subject to a more demanding and competitive market. It may sound odd, but we managed to combine innovation and tradition, maintaining a high qualitative standard concerning the creation of handmade high-end shoes.
Theitaly is, therefore, a trustworthy brand, which offers to the consumers carefully crafted high-end shoes.