Italian shoes are the most beautiful in the world.                    100% satisfied customers

Italian shoes are the most beautiful in the world. Ask anyone, they’ll agree. We believe that every nation has its own area in which it excels. When we talk about quality cars, the first country that comes to mind is, of course, Germany, whereas for wines the most popular nation is undoubtedly France, for technology the United States of America, etc. In the footwear sector, if you ask which are the best shoes of the world, then Italian shoes are surely the most beautiful ones. We are Italian and we produce shoes that reflect the talent and culture of our country. We have a long tradition, with our grandparents discovering the secrets of the trade, which are still jealously guarded, secrets regarding technique, knowledge, the art of shaping, building and skillfully creating handmade and custom-made shoes. The only way to preserve this tradition is to transmit these secrets from generation to generation, from father to son, and that is what we do. Creating shoes is an infinite art form and it is the creation of unique designs that make Italian shoes the most beautiful in the world. In creating them we use all our passion and all our emotions and wearing them reflects all this: living them every day and sharing them with family and friends. Our Italian artisans create them all with the same knowledge and care, as if they were cuddling their children: they bring us love and passion. They have dedicated their whole lives to the creation of shoes that have become established over the years as the most beautiful in the world. At “the Italy” we believe that every product has an important value, especially emotional, which is why it is essential to make the right choices in life. That’s why we advise you to use quality and valuable products, because they distinguish you. We advise you to choose Italian shoes because Italian shoes are unique in the world.